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Cori is a stay at Home Mom of 3! We are grateful for the opportunity of Premier to allow us to work from home raising our children and creating a purpose driven life with a company that honors God and serve people! We welcome you to join us on this journey of financial freedom and blessing! 
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There are many reasons why there are less than 200 in Senior Leadership In Premier.. Premier leaders have worked their personal business consistently as well as helped & developed leaders on their team.. Our Leadership is not just a fancy title given freely as in other companies. Premier leadership is not just a title.. It's a responsibility to uphold and represent our company and it's founding principles.

Premier remains one of the highest grossing American DS companies in sales, with one of the smallest fields of distributors! We are still small, (less than 40,000 distributors nationwide).. Compared to others in the industry who are more focused on recruiting than sales.  Yet our jewelers earn more income than the average distributor in any other direct sales company! Why? We are the highest paid yes, but we are also NOT a buyers club! We are not out to sign up every customer.

We are America's best kept secret!! Why? Because we ARE the HIGHEST paid (50% of sales without the requirement to inventory or meet quotas) and we DO NOT advertise! We are solely grown and known by word of mouth, and joining is by Invitation only. We choose to build a business upon a solid rock of Biblical foundation and Integrity, while striving for excellence in service. Choosing to put people before profits. Because of this philosophy our company has been immensely blessed for almost 30 years allowing us to bless thousands upon thousands, including missionaries in over 60 different countries!

Many will come into our team, glossy eyed at the high earning potential.. But many will quit, and very few will promote to leadership, not because it is difficult, but because they are unwilling to change, unwilling to work, or unwilling to abide by the philosophy and purpose of Premier.

No one will survive or succeed for long in Premier (or any other company for that matter) if they are not willing to SERVE people with a genuine heart truly expecting nothing in return!

God brings us all to Premier for a reason.. For many it is because He knows you needed to be surrounded by people who can help you, support you, and mold you into the Godly person he wants you to be! If you are unwilling to grow internally, personally, and professionally your time will be short lived.

Those who get Premier from the Head to the Heart and live by Premier's philosophy and purpose will succeed (not without trials of course) and they will touch many lives in the process.

It's pretty amazing when you think about it. We are not just another company with a product or service and an income opportunity.

We are touching peoples hearts and changing lives.. Starting with our own!

Thanks for reading all the way through!
God placed this on my heart this morning to share.
May your day be filled with JOY and Blessing.
Cori Garavuso - Senior Leader

Serving Him by Serving You since 1992!

You Are Here With A Great Purpose!
Not By Chance...
But By HIS Design!

It Pays To Be A Hostess!
Andy Horner From The Heart
When You Encourage
And Inspire Others,
You Put TEAMWORK Into Action
To Accomplish God's Goals.
Nehemiah 2:17, 18